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I had a few things I needed to get off my chest today about my once proud Minnesota Vikings.  I’m really tired of what this pseudo-coaching staff is doing to my beloved Purple.

Christian Ponder is STILL the starting Quarterback for the Vikings, as announced by Head Coach Leslie Frazier, to the surprise of the fans who pay good money to watch this garbage.  Oh yes, did I mention that the Vikings are getting a billion dollar stadium from this state?  How’s that looking now to people just like me that campaigned hard to keep the Vikings in our state?  Someone get Los Angeles on line 1 and see if they’re still looking for an NFL team?  Or maybe a reasonable facsimile?

Here’s an audio blog I put together this week.  Give a listen and give me some feedback!

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings

Ponder appears to be “pondering” his own inconsistencies









Thanks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune Sports Department for sharing the Christian Ponder audio up on their website.  The full story can be found here:

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